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Leading Specialist in Large Acrylic Castings



One of our special achievements was to cast our

largest acrylic casting ever cast at 3500Kg, which

by any stretch of the imagination is massive. We

cast this as part of a collection of art pieces

and have since been working on a collective piece

of art, totalling a whopping 12000 kg.




This collection consists of 9 large acrylic blocks that

fit together like a large stack of building blocks, each

block contains a model and some of the models

include a larger than life horse, wolf and a man.




This piece of art has pushed the boundaries of what

can be achieved with acrylic and we have used our

years of experience and specialist casting expertise

to achieve the largest embedment that has been

cast successfully.




The longest block measures 2760mm long, and most of the castings weigh over 1000kg.

Once complete these monolithic castings will finish at  6 meters high and 9 metres in length and 1 metre wide.

These pictures provide a small insight into the complexity and our achievements.  Completed in 2009. And due to be exhibited in 2010.